• Q: Where can I find information about operating hours and directions to each of Methodist Sports Medicine’s offices?

    A: There is detailed information about how to get to each office location and operating hours on the Locations page.

  • Q: When should I visit the walk-in clinic instead of calling to schedule an appointment?

    A: The walk-in clinic is for patients with acute injuries that have occurred recently in the past two days prior to visiting. Walk-in clinic patients will be treated by a fellowship-trained or specialty-trained physician. The walk-in clinic is located at the Carmel location and is open Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-10:00 am. Please note that the walk-in clinic is not for workers’ comp patients. For more information, click here Walk In Clinic page.

  • Q: If I’m in a car accident, can I use my auto or personal insurance for my appointment?

    A: No, both auto and personal insurance are not accepted from patients injured in a car accident. Patients need to use self-pay and then get reimbursed through their auto insurance.

  • Q: What are the phone and fax numbers for requesting and sending medical records?

    A: Patients requesting or sending medical records can call (317) 803-9715 and fax to (317) 454-8573.

  • Q: Who can I call with questions about workers’ comp?

    A: Patients with questions about workers’ comp can call (317) 817-1350 or (317) 817-1226. For more information about workers’ comp, click here.

  • Q: Where can I buy medical equipment and supplies that are needed to help heal my injury?

    A: There is a store at Methodist Sports Medicine’s Indianapolis/Carmel office that sells medical equipment such as braces, support equipment and other medical supplies.

  • Q: Are there any nearby hotels where patients and their family and friends can stay during their visit?

    A: The Holiday Inn Indianapolis-Carmel is located next door to the Indianapolis/Carmel office, and offers Methodist Sports Medicine patients a special rate. Visit the Holiday Inn Indianapolis-Carmel site for more details.