When to See a Doctor for Back and Neck Pain

If you injure your back or neck playing sports or in another activity and you don’t show any other signs of trauma or emergency, stop into one of Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics  Urgent Care Clinics

For older injuries or pain lasting longer than a few days, including chronic pain or pain following a previous back surgery, call our office at (317) 817-1200 for a regular appointment. One of our trained triage specialists can make sure you see the right specialist at a location convenient to you.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Your Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics doctor can help get to the root of your pain. 

Using a personalized treatment plan that fits your age, activity level, and needs, your doctor makes sure you get the right treatment—whether that’s back surgery or a less invasive technique. 

At every step, your doctor will discuss spine treatment options and personally select the best equipment, physical therapist, and plan of action to speed your recovery.

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