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Increase back and abdominal strength with these swiss ball exercises

| Advice, Health, Physical Therapy

From increased back and abdominal strength to improved balance and stability, incorporating a Swiss ball into your routine has many benefits. Swiss Ball Y’s- This exercise is focusing on activation and strength of your lower trap muscle. This...

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Flexibility for the runner

| Advice, Health, Physical Therapy, Run Fit
Flexibility for the runner

Running is a series of repetitive movements that add strength to the body and also change muscle length. The Iliotibial band, Piriformis, Gastrocnemius and Soleus often develop excessive tightness as a result of running.This excessive tightness can lead to lateral...

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Foot Core & Balance for the Runner

| Advice, Health, Foot and Ankle, Physical Therapy

Runners often consider hip strength, abdominal stability and cross training to reduce injury and increase running performance. When the foot and ankle are tight or weak and it can have a negative impact on the alignment of your knee, hip...

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