In efforts to protect you the patient and our staff, we will be pre-screening every patient who presents to the office. All patients need to present to their appointments wearing a mask.

We ask for you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment for the pre-screening. If failed, your appointment will be re-scheduled out two weeks.

Unless the patient is a minor or needs assistance, only the patient will be allowed to enter the suite.

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Flexibility for the runner

Flexibility for the runner

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Running is a series of repetitive movements that add strength to the body and also change muscle length.  The Iliotibial band, Piriformis, Gastrocnemius and Soleus often develop excessive tightness as a result of running.This excessive tightness can lead to lateral leg pain, (hip) pain and Achilles tendonitis as well as other injuries. 

Below are some ways to stretch these particular tissues.  

Performing these stretches after your warm up and after your run (can decrease your risk of being sidelined from an avoidable injury).