In efforts to protect you the patient and our staff, we will be pre-screening every patient who presents to the office. All patients need to present to their appointments wearing a mask.

We ask for you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment for the pre-screening. If failed, your appointment will be re-scheduled out two weeks.

Unless the patient is a minor or needs assistance, only the patient will be allowed to enter the suite.

Our acute injury walk-in clinic will be re-opening beginning 7/6/2020. Hours will be Monday-Friday 8AM to 10AM at our Carmel and Greenwood locations. Walk-In clinic is still closed on Saturdays.

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Increase back and abdominal strength with these swiss ball exercises

| Advice, Health, Physical Therapy

From increased back and abdominal strength to improved balance and stability, incorporating a Swiss ball into your routine has many benefits.
Swiss Ball Y’s- This exercise is focusing on activation and strength of your lower trap muscle. This muscle helps with upward rotation and posterior tilting of the shoulder blade when your arm is overhead during your throwing motion. This helps keep the shoulder blade in the proper position so that the ball can rotate in the socket correctly decreasing stress on shoulder and elbow.

Swiss Ball T’s- This exercise is focusing on activation and strength of your middle trap muscle. This helps prevent your shoulder blade from traveling away from your spine after the ball is released and as you go through your follow through motion. It helps act as “brakes” for your arm decreasing stress on shoulder and elbow.

Swiss Ball L’s- This exercise is a combination. It helps strengthen the mid and low trap as well as your posterior rotator cuff muscles. This is important for when you start your throwing motion and get into what is called the “cocking phase”. It helps improve the movement mechanics of the ball in the socket as your raise your arm behind you before you start the forward motion part of throwing.