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Telehealth with First Line Tactical Program

Telehealth with First Line Tactical Program

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Telemedicine is constantly evolving. Methodist Sports Medicine has made it our priority to implement a solution to increase access to care and reduce health care costs by introducing telemedicine into our practice and with our First Line Tactical Athlete Program. With this added service, we can effectively evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance while still providing convenient and comfortable care.


How does telemedicine work for MSM?

Telemedicine was never developed to replace emergency care for serious ailments, such as concussions or broken bones. Anything that would require immediate attention would warrant hands-on care and evaluation by an orthopedic specialist to minimize future complications.


By introducing orthopedic telemedicine we can provide increased access to health care and connect with patients virtually without sacrificing their quality of care and also extend services to patients with orthopedic needs in underserved and rural communities.


We use telemedicine for minor situations and all of our follow-up consultations. When we began rolling out our First Line Tactical Athlete Program, we understood the immediate responsibility that we would have to ensure that our first responders were properly taken care of. For that reason, we began implementing new practices to meet their needs wherever they are.


All of the programs that we use are mobile-friendly and HIPAA compliant to provide the proper security and solutions for our patients. Through each interaction, we use video communication with the individual that is then deleted after our call. From that, we take notes on their situation in the platform and then use the information to help create a strategic and effective plan for their health. 


Not only do we create a plan, but our tools allow us to demo exercises and provide alternative mechanics to be successful. We can also interact with patients through the platform with instant messaging. This allow us to quickly respond and check-in on patients, as well as give real-time feedback. Because of this, we are able to ensure that patients are using proper techniques and receiving the highest quality of care.


So, what are the benefits of telemedicine for MSM patients?

  • Less time away from the front line
  • No travel expenses
  • Privacy
  • Less exposure to contagious individuals
  • Quick responses and solutions
  • Efficiency


The launch of this initiative is to increase care options and does not replace office visits that require more complex treatment or hands-on care. For our First Line Tactical Athlete Program, we have ATs on-site at the station; embedded into the daily routine of each department. Through the use of telemedicine, we can keep care consistent for those on the front lines.

The use of telemedicine has been seamless at Methodist Sports Medicine because of the communication between each department and the integration throughout the teams. If you want to learn more about the First Line Tactical Athlete Program and our implementation of telemedicine, click here.