In 2008, the ISCN was formed to reduce the number of concussions that went undetected, untreated or improperly handled in athletes.

The network is composed of members from a variety of disciplines at each level of contact with the athlete. Those who make up the front line of concussion recognition and evaluation include certified athletic trainers, athletic directors, school nurses, coaches and parents. These people are vital to identifying an athlete who may be concussed, as well as monitoring the athlete and seeking emergency care if needed. Physicians, psychologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists will guide the management of concussions and return to play. Neurocognitive testing (ImPACT and others) provides vital objective evidence of concussions and should be one part of the diagnosis. Resolution of signs and symptoms, a return of neurocognitive testing to normal and a graded activity progression program help to determine when the brain has recovered.


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