Rehabilitation Center Specialties

Our ortho rehab programs include a wide variety of the latest breakthroughs in treatments and techniques, including:

  • Custom Splinting: Splinting protects and stabilizes the body to allow for healing during the rehab process. We make custom splint orthosis for upper extremities on-site.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics: Orthotics ease pain and correct gait and biomechanical motor issues. We have a variety of customized orthotic options for your foot and condition.
  • Augmented Soft Tissue Massage: Our trained staff uses a variety of techniques to help muscles heal, break up scar tissue, and increase mobility. We use specially designed instruments to assist our therapists in this process.
  • Dry Needling: This non-invasive technique can assist in decreasing muscle tension and helps to manage pain.
  • Cupping: This non-invasive technique helps decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and manage pain.
  • Kinesiotaping: Strategically taping muscles reduces swelling and improves joint health, while also reducing pain.
  • Functional Movement Screening: Our full-body screening process helps us identify potential issues with movement, joints, and flexibility so we can create more targeted treatment plans.
  • Isokinetic Testing: Using a Cybex machine, we test the strength and functionality of individual muscles to allow us to build more targeted treatment plans.
  • Dance Therapy: Movement-based therapy helps to integrate physical and mental recovery while improving flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Hand Therapy: All of our Occupational Therapists are also Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) through the OPTA.
  • Running Evaluation: Using video analysis, we break down each aspect of your form and gait.
  • Bike Evaluation: Bring in your bike to receive a full biomechanical evaluation of your form and technique.
  • Golf Evaluation: Using video analysis of your Titleist Performance Institute movement screen, we break down each aspect of your golf swing to identify areas of tightness, weakness, instability or imbalance.