Our practice’s non-profit research and education foundation believes in celebrating perseverance and long-term dedication to sports teams, as well as the people and activities that inspire and support them.
In the spirit of athletic excellence, we have established two worthy awards, both named in honor of the late Thomas A. Brady, MD, the “father of sports medicine in Central Indiana.”

Thomas A. Brady, MD is known as “the father of sports medicine in central Indiana.” He established a walk-in clinic that began in the basement of Methodist Hospital and grew into Methodist Sports Medicine Center. His interest in research led him to develop many innovative techniques for returning athletes to their sports sooner and more safely. Thanks to Dr. Brady’s dedication, the clinic was able to grow into one of the premier clinical research centers for sports injuries in the country. His commitment to treating injured athletes on the sidelines during games will never be forgotten by generations of players or our community.

In Memoriam:Thomas A .Brady,MD  (.pdf)

Dr. Thomas A. Brady, founder of Methodist Sports Medicine, died Thursday April 7, 2011, one week before his 96th birthday.

Dr. Brady Video Tribute 



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