Publication History

One glance at our extensive publication history will show you how dedicated we are to research. Our physicians and therapists have published hundreds of journal articles and dozens of chapters in noted medical texts. They also regularly present research and share their expertise across the country and around the world.

One of our most recent manuscripts published was authored by Arthur C. Rettig, M.D., Lance A. Rettig, M.D., and 2013 orthopedic sports medicine follow Ankur “Rishi” Behl, M.D. in  Volume 23, Issue 7 of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, July 2014.

But being nationally recognized for research has never been our primary goal. We do research to help you and every other patient who will come into our office today. Whether you’re a professional athlete, an adult recreational athlete, or a young person playing on your first team, we strive to use our research findings to help treat you as effectively and successfully as possible. Our ultimate research objective is to find better ways to return you to your favorite activities quickly and safely.

We are grateful to the Methodist Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation for supporting and funding research activities on behalf of current and future generations of patients.


Dale Snead, MD, President, Orthopedic Surgeon, Methodist Sports Medicine
Pam Whitehead, Vice-President, President, Orthopedic Solutions
David Mazanowski, Treasurer, President, Mainscape
G. Peter Maiers II, MD, Secretary, Orthopedic Surgeon, Methodist Sports Medicine

Jim DeVoe, Civic Leader
Jeff Hellman, Civic Leader
Thomas Mooney, CEO, Methodist Sports Medicine
Terry Horner, MD, Concussion Management Specialist, Methodist Sports Medicine
Scott Black, VP of Business Development, IU Health
George Geiger, President, Shamrock Builders
David Porter,MD, PhD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Methodist Sports Medicine
Arthur Rettig, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Methodist Sports Medicine
Hilary Stout Salatich, Civic Leader
Kelly Faris, WNBA Player, Connecticut Sun
Anthony Castonzo, NFL Player, Indianapolis Colts

Doug Thornton, Executive Director
Patti Hunker, Director of Research and Education


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