Ten years ago while practicing with her softball team during the fall of her senior year in high school, Megan Soultz badly dislocated her right kneecap. Beyond the excruciating pain, the injury destroyed much of the cartilage in the joint. A talented pitcher, she feared her athletic career might be over.

“That’s your push-off leg,” she said. “I loved playing, so there was that fear I was going to miss my senior season.”

Her worries were quickly soothed after meeting the team at Methodist Sports Medicine. Dr. John McCarroll performed two surgeries: one to remove the cartilage and the other to realign the knee. Though intensive rehabilitation, not only was she ready for the spring season, she pitched in the very first game.

Soultz went on to play softball four years at DePauw University on a scholarship. She returned to Methodist Sports for another surgery her sophomore year to clean up old cartilage and scar tissue. The knee held up well as the team enjoyed great success, making the NCAA tournament all four years and reaching the World Series twice.

“When things get taken away from you, it teaches you to work that much harder,” she said, remembering the support and encouragement she received at Methodist Sports Medicine.

Now 28, Soultz is an officer with the Carmel Police Department, while also working part time as a paramedic back in Greencastle “just for fun.” Both are physically taxing jobs, but her right knee continues to hold up. In fact, she calls it her “good knee,” since she only experiences soreness in her non-surgically repaired leg.

“There would be no way I could be successful professionally if I still had issues with that knee.”

Dr. McCarroll has since retired from surgery, but is still actively involved in sports medicine as a sideline physician for games, as well as managing the Methodist Sports Medicine acute injury walk-in clinic.


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