Frequently Asked Questions

Tactical athletes are professionals whose jobs demand a high level of physical activity or exertion. Often public safety, first responder, or municipal workers, tactical athletes include fire fighters, law enforcement officers, park rangers, EMS workers, parks and recreation personnel, and sanitation professionals, among others.

An athletic trainer is a healthcare provider with a primary role in health and safety. Unlike personal trainers or strength trainers, athletic trainers are not primarily concerned with body composition or performance. Rather, athletic trainers have advanced skills in physical and occupational health.

Our practice requires athletic trainers serving tactical athletes to have a masters degree or doctorate in primary care orthopedics, and/or have successfully completed a long-term fellowship or residency in athletic training. We hold our trainers to high standards so that they can deliver comprehensive care to the organizations they serve.

In addition to replacing workers compensation programs, having an athletic trainer working daily in your department gives you an on-site resource for cost-effective, direct access care for your team. From injury prevention to health maintenance counseling, concussion protocols to intensive neuromuscular control programs, we oversee the spectrum of care for your staff.

Having an on-site athletic trainer prevents injuries, streamlines workers compensation cases, covers non-work-related injuries that impact job functions, and keeps staffing levels up through preventative and maintenance care.

In addition to immediate and ongoing care, we’re also backed by a top orthopedic care practice with integrated specialty physicians, imagery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and DME. Our direct line to Methodist Sports Medicine expedites care and offers fast access to leading specialists.