David Ruhe fell off a truck at work, and right away he knew it was bad. His shoulder and his knee were torn up severely. The operations manager at an electric cooperative from Jasper, Ind., tried to grunt through the pain but it got worse and worse, even after a week off work to recover. David couldn’t lift his arm, couldn’t put weight on his leg, couldn’t sleep because of the agony. An active guy who enjoyed sports and being physically fit, his life had suddenly become a list of can’ts and couldn’ts.

His sister-in-law had been helped by Dr. Peter Sallay at Methodist Sports Medicine years before, so he knew where to turn. Within a couple of hours of his first appointment, David had an MRI, was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and torn meniscus, and was scheduled for surgery. He had the procedure on his shoulder and then, three months later, the knee. After a few weeks of rehabilitation each, he was back to his old self again.

So when David fell down hard playing basketball last year, he didn’t think twice about going back to Methodist Sports. This time he had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep on his other arm. That recovery was a bit tougher, but today at age 60 he says the arm is about 98% of what it used to be. He’s very happy about his treatment … and is a bit more careful about avoiding falls.

“I can do anything I want,” David said. “But Dr. Sallay told me he doesn’t want to see me for a while!”


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